I was talking to a friend the other day who was bragging about having run a marathon.  I asked him “Did you win?” He gave me a weird look and said something along the lines of “it isn’t about winning.”  So I asked “It is a race, right?”  He replied “Yeah, but that isn’t the point.”  It’s a fucking race!  How isn’t that the point?  You can go outside right now and run 27 miles.  You will win the exact same thing… nothing.  So why go and pay MONEY to do it?  You are literally paying someone to give you a commemorative medal that means “congratulations, you lost!”  Next time someone tells you they ran a marathon ask them if they won.  When they give you a weird look or some bull-crap about that not being the point just say, in a very conciliatory tone, “ah, well maybe next year.”  And if you are someone who has ever run a marathon… you probably suck.