On the way to go camping we had to drive over a road in great disrepair. Off of the shoulder of the road on one particular turn with large potholes and a close, dizzying, vertical drop there was a sign that said “Adopt a road” and it had a person’s name on the sign. I don’t remember it exactly but it was something like “Larry ‘Buzz’ Smith”. I remember thinking that it was sad to see that the adoption system for roads is as bad as for kids. Someone needed to either call Larry to tell him to get his ass out there with a shovel and some asphalt, or call the road-repair equivalent of CPS. Though what I found more amusing was how they added the guy’s nickname, “Buzz”. I’ve seen that before on road signs dedicated to people. It makes me wonder if they’d add that if someone had a nickname that wasn’t so conventional. For instance, what if it was dedicated to someone who had an ‘interesting’ college experience which his Frat brothers monikered him after. It would be funny to see one of those signs with “Larry ‘Jizzface’ Smith” or “Chad ‘Dirty Broomhandle’ Moore.”