Went hiking the other day.  We actually went with another couple.  ”Friends” of ours.  After the hike, the guy friend said that he won’t ever hike with us again because I ruin it.  Really?  I ruin it? What about the long monotonous gradual climb up a large rock?  Don’t you think that may have something to do with it? Oh yeah, and hey guy, don’t you remember when you tripped on that root and took a face-dive into the dirt?  I’m guessing that added more to your bad experience than my snide remarks about the banana slug your girlfriend wouldn’t stop fucking looking at all googly-eyed.  The problem with most people who are into nature is that they aren’t open to criticism.  Nature is not perfect.  If nature were perfect it would grow houses so we’d be able to skip the process of cutting a bunch of damn trees down, sawing them up, transporting them, and nailing them together.  I mean, how fucking inefficient is that?  Fuck you, nature.